WITH THIS RING: Make a statement with these bold pieces of jewelry

For men, choosing a piece of jewelry the woman they love will wear for the rest of her life brings with it immense pressure. But those pressures can be calmed by making the perfect decision — or the most unique decision. 

Compiled by LaTria Garnigan
Photography by Erin Gray Cantrell

Engagement rings and wedding bands are becoming more and more personal, with many opting to create their bands of love from scratch.

At Art Jewelers in Woodstock that can be done. The locally-owned jeweler, helmed by David Meadows, has been open since the 1980s and makes many of their pieces in-house.

The jewelry store has been involved in several design shows and in 2015 won Best of Show for the Georgia Jewelers Association.

Store Manager Andrew McDeermond said it only takes them about three to four weeks to produce — from design to conception — a ring.

White gold continues to be on trend for 2016 in rings, with a steady rise in popularity for rose gold, said McDeermond. Design-wise, the halo design —smaller stones surrounding a larger stone — has remained at the top spot and the intertwining of infinity shapes and styled bands are gaining in popularity.



Color: It can range from D to Z, but McDeermond recommends staying between D and J.

Clarity: Customers want to stay in the SI — or slightly included — range. Every diamond has inclusions, except a select few in the world that are deemed internally flawless. These factors can increase your price dramatically.

Cut: People tend to focus too much on this, said McDeermond. What it boils down to is if the diamond looks good to you.

Carat: A purely personal preference and depends on your price limitations.



This design contest entrant features a 14K white gold band with a 24K gold inlay throughout the ring. This ring is $14,800, but can start at $9,000.


Sparkle with this 14K white gold ring with yellow and rose gold bezels. It features a 2.13 ct cushion cut diamond in the center. This custom design is about $28,000.
(Special photo)



14K yellow gold is the star for this ring. It has a 1.29 ct total weight with an infinity and cushion halo combination design. This ring retails for $12,500. It can range from $7,000 to $15,000.


Be a show stopper with this 14K white gold ring, it has a 1.15 ct round center, with a total 2 ct. weight. The ring shown is $8,120 ­— but it can range from $5,000 to $12,000.


This designer solitaire has a 14K white gold band with a 1.52 ct diamond center. It retails for $17,995.


This Best Wax Through Invision Tech and Best CAD CAM 2015 award winner features a 14K rose gold band with rhodium prongs. There is a 0.70 ct. center princess cut diamond. The total weight is 0.82 ct. It retails for $4,980.


Make a statement with this 14K rose gold ring with a 0.64 ct. center diamond in a halo design. It has a 0.88 total weight. This ring retails for $3,990 and can range from $3,000 to $7,500.


Shine bright with this 14K white gold ring with a 0.97 ct. center diamond with a 1.16 ct. mounting. The total weight is over 2 carats. It also features baguette diamonds in the center. This ring retails for $8,780. It can range from $7,000 to $10,000.

Art Jewelers
136 Woodstock Square Ave.,
Suite 400, Woodstock
(770) 924-3133

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