Out on the town: Andretti

Whether you’d like to battle reptilian monsters, race against your friends in a state-of-the-art simulator, try your hand at a sky-high (literally) ropes course or play some of your favorite arcade and video games — then Andretti is the place for you.

By LaTria Garnigan

 I recently visited the Marietta location, housed in the former Burlington Coat Factory building on Roswell Road, and had arguably one of the best nights in a long time.

Before we get into games, we have to talk about the amazing food selection that doesn’t even seem possible in a facility such as this. I felt as if I was in a completely different restaurant. There were so many mouth-watering dishes to choose from. But you can never go wrong with ribs. They also have pizza that is cooked in a special brick oven to give it more of an authentic taste. Just make sure to save room for dessert!

If you love racing games as much as I do, then you MUST experience the CXC Motion Pro II — it is unlike any racing game you’ve ever played. With three large panoramic screens and a realistic racing seat/steering wheel combo you go on a six-minute competitive ride with three of your friends. The great thing about this game is the actual movement of the seat, you feel every bump and turn made throughout the game.

The next simulator is also a must. Dark Ride is the only 7D (yes, 7!) interactive movie that can solely be experienced at Andretti’s Marietta location. Similar to the racing simulator, this ride includes seats that you are strapped in and move with the motion of the game. You have the choice to battle Zombies, reptilian monsters or Los Banditos — an army of robot cowboys. Between the graphics, motion of the seat — which at times felt almost like a roller coaster — the special effects and the adrenaline rush, this was by far the favorite game of the night with my group.

And if you’d just like to stroll around, there are plenty of normal arcade-style games, bowling and laser tag available. Though I didn’t get the chance, maybe next time I go I’ll work up the courage to try the go karts.

Andretti Indoor Karting and Games | 1255 Roswell Road, Marietta | (678) 496-9530 | http://andrettikarting.com/marietta/

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