NEWLYWEDS: Woodstock couple Jessy & Andrew share their special day

Though it took three times of rescheduling to finally meet — after initially meeting on — that day in May of 2012 etched in stone the future for Andrew and Jessy MacQueen. The result was a three hour, non-stop talk fest, which culminated three years later with a wedding.

Andrew & Jessy MacQueen were married Nov. 7, 2015 at Little River Farms in Milton. The couple resides in Woodstock.


By LaTria Garnigan >> Photography by Blush Magnolia Photography

If it had not been for the insistence of her mother, Jessy may not have even seen Andrew’s profile.

“I was at my mom’s house since she was recovering from surgery and she told me to grab my computer to look through the site,” said Jessy. “Well, Andy’s picture popped up so I clicked on his profile. He was very handsome and had a great smile and eyes.”

After reading that he was a teacher and grew up in a city that was near her hometown — he in Buffalo, N.Y. and she in Rochester, N.Y. — Jessy reached out to him.

“Like I mentioned before, we rescheduled our date three times and I was about to give up, but I’m happy I held on,” she said.

Jessy chose online dating because of her hectic schedule at the time, which made it hard to go out and meet new people. Andrew, who was also busy working three jobs at the time, echoed Jessy’s sentiment and said online dating was his way of meeting new people, learning the area and finding someone with his shared goals.

Fast forward to Dec. 13, 2014 when Andrew proposed. A small hiccup — accidentally texting Jessy instead of his father — made Jessy wonder if the proposal would still go as planned. The proposal took place at a friend’s annual Christmas party.

“I honestly didn’t think he was still going to do it that day, but he decided to anyway and catch me off guard,” she said. “People at the party were able to catch the whole thing on camera, which is great to go back and look at now.”

With almost a year to plan, the couple chose a classic rustic theme for their wedding, which included 140 guests. Their colors were black, white, cream and deep red. Jessy said they wanted everyone to have a great time and not have to worry about a single detail.

Jessy had a couple of favorite moments from her wedding day. One was walking down the stairs to her brother, who walked her halfway down the aisle to her father. The other special moment, she said, was when the curtain opened and she saw her future husband at the other end of the aisle.

“Seeing Andy made my heart skip and I couldn’t believe that this was it,” she said. “This is our wedding, the day we’ve been planning for 10 months, the day is finally here and I’m about to marry my best friend. It all felt surreal and still feels like a dream to me.”


Q&A with Jessy

Where did you honeymoon? Dublin, Ireland

What song did you choose for your first dance? We chose Haley & Michaels’, “Give It All To You”

Were you and your husband nervous on your wedding day? I was nervous, but to be honest I got a great night’s sleep the night before the wedding and I felt very calm leading up to the walk down the aisle. It really wasn’t until my bridesmaids lined up to walk that I started to get butterflies. I was just so excited the day was finally here and all felt right. Andy was definitely nervous, he could barely even eat after the ceremony.

Any funny moments during the day? The maid of honor and best man toasts were amazing! They made us laugh until tears came out as well as cry about all the happy and heartfelt memories. A great moment for me is when my older brother picked me up to carry me across the muddy grass so I wouldn’t ruin my shoes!

What advice would you give brides to be? I would say to do what you want to do; it’s your day and make sure you do what you want and what you have always dreamed of. Remember this day is for you and your husband, that’s all that matters. If things don’t go right, there’s nothing you can really do. At the end of the day, it’s all about saying ‘I Do’ to your best friend and knowing you have a partner and cheerleader by your side for the rest of your life.

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