Eats Outside of Cobb: Taco Cowboy

*For this Eats Outside of Cobb series, I’ll be including reviews of some of metro Atlanta’s best dining locales.*

If you frequented former Atlanta staples like Noche, Strip, Smash and Twist (just to name a few), then you’ll be glad to know Tom Catherall is back on the Atlanta dining scene with his newest offering — Taco Cowboy.

Words & Photography by LaTria Garnigan

In fact, his new eatery is located in the same spot as the former Noche in Virginia Highlands. And like its name suggests, tacos are the name of the game — but not the only star of the show. I was fortunate to attend a media dinner there a couple of weeks ago and sampled a plethora of dishes, all yummy and all that made me anxious to return again and again.

Trio of tacos including the Nashville (far right).

Catherall does something truly intriguing with his taco offerings. There are 11 varieties on the menu and my personal favorites being the Grilled Marinated Steak (with jack cheese, fajita peppers and onions) and the Nashville (made with a slice of white bread for the ‘shell’, hot fried chicken, shredded lettuce, pickles and ranch). The beef on the steak taco was cooked to perfection and I didn’t even want to sample the others, but the Nashville one most definitely caught my attention. I mean, how many times can you say you ate a taco on a rolled up slice of white bread?

To my delight, it wasn’t that spicy — as I have heard some stories about the famous Nashville Hot Chicken. And if for some reason you’re not too fond of beef, pork or chicken there are a few seafood taco options.

Pro Tip: go on a Tuesday to sample as many tacos as you want, they’re half off!

You’re probably wondering what we had to wash down this yummy goodness and that would be a personal pitcher of Tom’s House Margarita, made with Karma tequila. For $12 it’s a steal! You can, of course, share this with someone else (as the pitcher is equal to about three glasses) or you can be adventurous and drink it all yourself. Either way, just make sure Uber or a designated driver is within arm’s reach.

The meals didn’t end there. There’s BBQ Salmon on top a bed of jalapeno cheese grits (AMAZING!), Fried Chicken served with chipotle mashed potatoes and an ancho chili sauce and Mexican Skirt Steak with Tobacco Onion Rings and Mexican Street Corn. Honestly, I can’t say anything bad about any of these as they all deserve a home on your fork.

We have to end the night on a sweet note. Does an Apple Pie Taco sound good? Well, it is. So is the Pumpkin Cobbler. And that’s not easy for me to say because I’m not a fan of apple pie or pumpkin — but you can’t deny these sweet treats.  

Not only does Catherall serve up delicious offerings for your taste buds (really, he’s sort of a legend), but the ambiance is perfect for a date night, or a chance to catch up with friends.

Taco Cowboy | 1000 Virginia Ave., NE, Atlanta |

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