COLUMN: You’re simply the best!

Every January for Cobb Life, we issue our Best Of list. It’s voted on by you, our readers, and features a multitude of businesses located in the county. Well, I wanted to take a spin on that and issue my personal Best Of for Cobb. These are places and events that I enjoyed the past year.

latria-rgbBy LaTria Garnigan

1. BEST DESSERT: I don’t have to think twice about this: CamiCakes. For the better part of a decade, this has been my go-to place for all things cupcake. I trust no other. While the sweet potato is my No. 1 choice, I do try to sprinkle in a few of the other delicious flavors when I go — like the mint chocolate, strawberry and peanut butter chocolate. The sheer size (you basically have to eat them with a spoon!) of the cupcakes and the fresh, melt-in-your-mouth goodness alone are a testament to the business’ continued growth. Cobb residents have double the opportunity to try out this franchise as there are locations in Vinings and Smyrna (which has the creamery that I still have yet to try). So if you’re in need of a sweet fix, visit. You won’t be disappointed!

2. BEST SMALL BUSINESS SUCCESS: A chance glance on Snapchat led me to one of my favorite interviews of last year. One of people I follow (@Mattieologie) kept posting pics of these delicious looking smoothies and juices and one day showed the name, Juice Me Too, which mentioned they were in Cobb. I quickly pulled up my Internet browser and searched for the website. After a few emails back and forth I was able to meet and chat with owners Patrice Landers and her mom Bondine Leonard about their burgeoning business. They are a great mother/daughter team and if you ever get the chance, stop by and chat with them (you know, once you buy something). Bondine, a registered nurse, has a wealth of knowledge on nutrition, while Patrice is the mastermind of all the tasty recipes. Not only are the juices delicious, but the vegan food is also very yummy and filling. And not to mention, their Austell location is perfectly positioned behind an LA Fitness, for the pre- and post-workout crowds!

3. BEST BREAKFAST: I had my first chicken biscuit from Martin’s growing up in Cartersville and it was a favorite of mine as an on-the-way-to-school breakfast. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I realized they were based in Cobb. I hadn’t seen one outside of Cartersville and when I finally started venturing in Cobb because of work, I was elated to see more locations. I’ve had other options on the menu over the years, but hands down my go-to choices are the chicken biscuit and sausage and gravy biscuit — which to me is a classic anywhere, but Martin’s does it just right!

4. BEST COMEBACK/PERFORMANCE VENUE: The Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre is a magnificent space. I’ve seen musicals there and the sound quality is pitch perfect. But earlier this year I was able to take a friend (and huge fan) along to see one of Tracy Morgan’s first comeback performances since his vehicle accident a few years ago. The performance alone was great as Tracy did not skip a beat from what we’re used to with his stand up. And what I liked most, other than his raucous comedy, was the diversity of the crowd. Folks from all walks of life were there cheering on someone who not only shines at making you laugh, but was also someone we were all rooting for in his triumphant return to the stage. So kudos to CEPAC for always offering such great and varied entertainment, and to Tracy for an outstanding show!

5. BEST COLUMN: It’s been a little more than a year since I committed to writing a monthly column. And while on the outset I was elated, some months have been a struggle of what to write. But for the month of May, I had no such shortage. My mom has always enjoyed the handmade gifts I’ve given her for Mother’s Day and I figured what better way to honor her than with her very own published piece of work. That column is by far my favorite thing I’ve written in life and I’m sure I’ll have a tough act to follow for this year. And now those words are framed and will forever hang on her wall. So even when I get on her nerves, I’ll just point and go ‘Remember that time I wrote this?’ Hopefully it’ll work, if not, then I’ll have to write another one.

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